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Can i return/refund the items if I'm not satisfied? 

We are so sorry, at the moment we don't do return/refund and exchange.

How long is the execution delivery duration? 

It depends on your item(s) order. Details stated under each item descriptions.
Generally for:
- Custom make gown/cheongsam - at least 7-8 weeks or more (almost 2 months time or more). 

- Gift / Shoe / Flower / Hanger order - at least 7 working days to complete a single or a pair of hangers. Orders more than 5 pcs will need extra working days to complete. Rush order less than 7 working days: (take count from the full payment date until to the collection date), will have additional intensive charges of RM30 per order. Total duration and fees of delivery/postage/courier & packaging are not included.

Delivery & packaging fees:
Peninsular Malaysia (local) RM50
Sabah & Sarawak (local) RM70
Oversea (other country/state international or out of Malaysia) quotation depend on location/address using FedEx.

There is a damage on the item, what should i do?

Firstly we are sorry for the defect item, as it is our mistake for not doing a 101% quality check before sending it out. Here is what you can do:

1. If the items have reached you, immediately check on it for defect.

2. IF there is a defect, take a picture email us at [email protected]

3. We will get back to you within 3 working days and we will go from there.